Mar 22

Welsh Regional Championships 2010


Test Piece:  English Heritage

Good early drive and clear detail noted (26) just the off inconsistent moment.  Nice approach to the poco lento and safe sweet solo lines noted (79) Good dynamic control here (93) Cantabile sings nicely good bass line to follow (115) good balance and sweet baritone (130) nice and delicate and I admire your dynamic contrasts and good detail to follow (175) lots of width. All clear to moderato.  Little cornet slip to start, but spacious and shaped from both.

Largo sings with warmth and control just a touch quieter at times, but lovely balance nice sop and percussion effects.  Lovely gentle close.

Vivo – nice & light when required. (242) so much vitality here accel. a touch more <.   Eb Bass safe a touch more on < Good balanced accel. and confident to follow. (300) Smooth troms and fine build and detail with good percussion impulse to (336)

Meno Mosso – Fine bass line (352) rit under control (362) sop not really clear. (370) Well shaped and then lots of energy (397) touch more top of band.  Good close

A fine overall performance, with fine dynamics and balance control a good individual ensemble presentation.  Only minor cause for concern

Thank you

Mal Brownbil  21.03.2010