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Welsh Open 2011

Tongwynlais Temperance Band competed in the annual Welsh Open Contest on the 19th Feb. Against a field of 11 bands’ we recorded third place behind Tredegar and BTM.

Starting our programme with the swagger march Imperial Echoes by Arnold Safroni, the band impressed with its controlled playing and dynamic range. This then led us onto our Euphonium Soloist Martyn Patterson; he chose to play The Carmen Fantasy arranged by Luc Vertommen. This was a Virtuoso showpiece in the tradition of fantasias on operatic theme; almost every technical challenge for the Brass soloist is contained within the piece. Martyn rose to the occasion delivering a Bravura performance which was a real crowd pleaser. To close our programme we played Constellations written by our Professional Conductor Philip Harper, who also led us on the day. It is a 12 minutes long piece with plenty of work for featured soloists and ensemble, written in three-movement’s in one continuous take. The band played very well to which we gain very favorable comments from numerous people during the day and we are very proud of our performance.

A very enjoyable day was had by all at one of the principalities best run contest’s, we very much look forward to next year.


WELSH OPEN 2011 3rd 193 points


Rather steady tempo !!!

I’d like this to sparkle a bit more. Cornet sound a bit on the hard side.

Trio – Good contrasting dynamic – Sop not always secure. (9) Has good conviction – but I do feel that you don’t let this march go anywhere – I’m afraid I don’t feel any Grandioso even. Close fair.


Good secure opening. Euph Cadenza – Stylish – time to play – fine
(29) – Fine artistic solo playing here – well supported by all – commendable playing – sympathetic accompts noted.
(340) Perhaps a shade ‘pecked’ in the solo line – but that’s a minor point – generally all is secure – and in good taste Virtuosi playing indeed – accompts support well and you head for a close of great conviction.

Fine solo playing – many thanks – most enjoyed – and band support well.


Good to open (B) builds well – and I do hear the links. (C) Stylish (D) A little more relaxed please! – but it is safe and secure. Trio – fine to (F) where a convincing ensemble ensues – Tasteful flugel and horns – this is all to good effect (K) gets a bit scrambled – but you settle again and close well at (L). – Good ensembles here (M) A delightful contrast. Tasteful Euph after N (4+5) please (O) most pleasing – lovely balances and much musicality which I enjoy P-3 (tuning !!!) Cab (P) fine to open – and you build well to (R) Take some of the attack out of the way in the solo line – and let it relax please. There is much to commend in this playing. It’s all very well thought out and directed. Just misses out on a real swing – because its too intense – Lay it back! (W) Fine (X) Builds well – and you head for a fine close to a performance of merit.

If only you had let that March loose!!!

Thank you very much indeed – Most enjoyable

Brave Soloist

Derek Broadbent 19.2.2011

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