Nov 28

Scottish Open Adjudication


Scottish Open Championships 2011 – Music For Battle Creek (Philip Sparke)

Philip Sparke

Prelude & Toccata.
A fine cultured start with great flow (glock?) Which leads nicely to the duet. BD a bit ott but the duet has purpose, direction and drama. 28 nicely done. 34 very solid and precise with effective contrast at 55. Was very passionate at 67 this all has so much positive intent. Trb very lyrical. Some inaccuracies after 106 (but minor). 123 simply gorgeous!! And this leads to a high class close. Interlude changes atmosphere perfectly.
Quartet well balanced. Trb magnificent, Euph glorious. This is so well handled. 184 really good. Duet lovely. 193 Wow!! But a little wild after 199 very dramatic though! Peaceful close.
Tidy start, again so purposeful, timp perhaps OTT?  Trb makes it sound easy. 298 well organised and gives this section real shape. 369 terrific build and you finish really well

WOW.  This performance managed to combine control and passion in exactly the right proportions.  Some magnificent individual playing and a definitive reading by the MD..

John Wallace

Good opening but couldn’t hear the muted detail bars 10, 11, 12. Solos well taken. Rhythmical and accurate playing if sometimes on the fast side (sounds blurred in this acoustic) and a bit on the loud side.
Solos given space. Quartet well balanced. This was playing of the highest calibre.
An exciting hard-driven performance which sometimes edged into stridency. Very accurate and meticulously detailed.

Dr Robert Childs

Excellent clarity to start. Cnt and euph cadenza excellent. 28 also fine, a small glitch euph – fine close
Good tempo, super clarity – all well controlled no aggression. Good hns 67. Noble trb chorale, super section! The pp is light and nimble – great
Interlude – good transition – excellent timp.
Well balanced quartet, bari – fine, trb – great. 165 good horns, super euph great top D, hn – ok, flg – great, cnt and euph duet super (intonation last note)
Luminoso – this has atmosphere and it builds into 201 well – so controlled to finish.
Brisk tempo to begin – good bongos!
Well done trb and good hn solos. 330very good bongos again.
This builds into a triumphant close.

A performance of real stature. So musically shaped and well played by the band. Great soloist throughout, bravo perc!