Oct 29

Pontins 2009 Review – 4barsrest

Some great reviews from 4barsrest. Click here for full review but here are a few quotes:
“Tongwynlais have enjoyed a few ups and downs over the years – and now they are certainly on the way back to the top. For the second time in a month they left a major contest crowned as champions – first in Harrogate, this time in Prestatyn.  On both occasions they thoroughly deserved it.” 4br

“The margin of victory at the Fun Factory wasn’t as emphatic as that at the International Conference Centre a few weeks back, but it was just as clear cut. And this time, every player was on hand to savour the moment of glory as they celebrated with the Pontins Trophy and the cheque for £2,500. Relegation from the top section can work wonderfully well when you have a band that has the foresight to see it as an opportunity for, rather than a handicap to, future contesting success. The majority of personnel of the Welsh band remain the same as it was a year ago when they left this contest after coming fifth under Philip Harper, and feeling gloomy at the prospect of a future that encapsulated a contesting season in the First Section. 12 months later the duo returned full of confidence, boosted by a year of success and knowing that if they played to form, they had the beating of the vast majority of the ersatz ‘championship’ contenders on the day. They did enjoy the benefit of a couple of high class deps helping out (Cory provided two thirds of the trombone section due to Robin Hackets broken arm!), but on a piece such as ‘Montage’ where the majority of the exposed solo work belongs to the cornet, euphonium, baritone, sop and tuba, Chris Thomas and Paul Williams enjoyed the relative comfort of their substitute appearances. The victory came courtesy of a true championship quality performance on Peter Graham’s set work.”  4br

“Perhaps a number of these bands should not be afraid to take a leaf out of the Tongwynlais book and seriously consider whether or not a drop to the First Section may well give them a real chance of becoming better contesting outfits. Tongwynlais are no better a band than many of their rivals here, but the confidence that they have gained in taking a realistic approach to their circumstances should be applauded, because it is now paying off in spades. They have returned here a true championship outfit – and one that was more than good enough to have posted a well deserved victory.” 4br