Sep 30

Harrogate 2009 Remarks

The remarks from David Horfield & Roy Roe at Harrogate

Quite a majestic style to open and the allegro shows good control with restraint 53. Bass line again quite well detailed and in the sost. Section flugel shows lyrical qualities with musical flow to the music. Beware over the f in 80. Tasteful cornet soloist 86 with good pp control 90. Perc good 102. A little untidy 115.

Nice leisurely feel in 120. 130 pp atmospheres created. Generally the dynamic effects are well achieved. Again solo lines impress.

165 nicely balanced and flow is good. Perhaps a little anxious ppp 176 but very musical here, with spacious sounds in ensemble. Good Euph sounds at 182.

190 Well restrained here and the liberties taken do not interfere with the flow. 202 Great trio here.

A little hard on pause before cadenza. Virtually clean in cornet feature. The con brio moves along nicely with quite a cultured style; only an occasional blemish but so much to admire. Tight to 284, with well controlled runs, and the presto gains momentum to an exciting close. Good band sound in well restrained ensemble.

Thank you and good luck.

David Horsfield


A good opening style and tempo, 13 good rhythmic detail 34 nice style with good control. 53 Good bass lines controlled and rhythmic. 64 Nice flugel sounds, well supported by ensemble76 a little more passion would help, 80 well defined style, 86 lovely musical style well balanced trombs into 85. All moves along very much under control. Fine rhythmic detail from full band.

140 effective mutes and cornet / trombone style most impressive. 155 nice Euph and bass lines, fine horn sounds and sop music well shaped. 164 quality of sounds is obvious, from all sections. 178 very restrained but most musical, 190 warm sounds and the music unfolds as it should. 202. Lovely sop again well supported, super Euph cadenza ‘spot on’. 220 the music is bright, controlled and rhythmic. Creates excitement.

252 Sop slight stop but not adverse effect. 268 has drive and fine team sounds. 284 has breadth and good sounds. 292 splendid full of control. Good lower band sounds, full of confidence into a convincing finish.

A most musical performance from beginning to end, Thank you.

Roy Roe