May 19

Grand Shield Adjudication 2010


90th Spring Festival – Grand Shield

Rocco Variations – Edward Gregson

Draw 3

Smooth opening, well tuned, well shaped and great care taken over the dynamics (2) neat, stylish – well paced and great control (8) a fine rhythmic pulse. (10) A lovely start, a tiny slip (11) well balanced, so much musical sense here (14) great duet playing so smooth into (15).  (18) dynamic, splendid Euph. (23) such stylish approach (28) A great tone and clarity, accurate playing (29) such good basses (31) a great change of pace and character, well done perhaps the soloists could have been a little more expressive – all capture the changing moods so well (33) bar 5 well done sop. Percussive touches always discreet (36) & (40).  Effective and so well balanced – great care taken over dynamics and detail. Great change into (44).  (46) a real sense of achievement (47) A great finish.

Very controlled music making.

Adjudicator:    William Relton                                  Date:  15th May 2010


Aside from a slightly untidy opening the theme is beautifully played and shaped.

Toccata is neat and precise as well as musically engaging.

Siciliana – soloists play with good control and pleasing sounds.

Waltz has good character – just a few slightly untidy moments – lovely euph playing.  23 is convincing and gritty as well as neat. 28 great clarity and sound.

29 good octaves in basses. 30 is well balanced. 31 soloists all do well, 32 very convincing. 33 just a little uncertain to start but continues with stylish and musical phrasing.

Scherzo is virtuosic and facile in execution.  The detail is commendable and the ending excellent.

A splendid performance, both musically and technically, well done.

Adjudicator:    Stephen Roberts                               Date:  15th May 2010