Sep 28

CHAMPIONS!! Mission Complete

Tongwynlais Temperance Band have achieved their objective and won the 1st Section National Championship of Great Britain with an extremely musical and detailed reading of ‘Triumphant Rhapsody’ with Philip Harper at the helm from a No.1 draw.

The band celebrated well into the evening and can now look forward to Championship banding once more. We owe sincere gratitude to Phil Harper and all the meticulous preparation he put into the piece, paying close attention to dynamics and not letting things go OTT.

Highlights of the performance was Martyn Pattersons contributions and a fantastic cadenza from our principal Gareth Hann. The full results were:

1. Tongwynlais Temperance, Philip Harper, Wales, 1
2. Barton Town, Richard Evans, North of England, 9
3. Norfolk Brass, David Stowell, London and Southern Counties, 5
4. Wakefield Metropolitan, Norman Law, Yorkshire, 16
5. Newtongrange Silver, Nigel Boddice MBE, Scotland, 8
6. Poole Borough, Phil Randell, West of England, 7
7. Sherborne Town Paul Cosh West of England, 6
8. Blackburn and Darwen Nick Sheppard North West, 10
9. Wardle Anderson Brass Sean Conway North West, 15
10. Point of Ayr Colliery John Hinckley Wales, 11
11. Sandhurst Silver Ian McElligott London and Southern Counties, 2
12. Kirkintilloch Kelvin Charles Keenan Scotland, 12
13. GT Group Peterlee Stephen Malcolm North of England, 13
14. Hade Edge Simon Wood Yorkshire, 4
15. Phoenix West Midlands Brass David Maplestone Midlands, 3
16. City of Coventry Brass Stephen Cooper Midlands, 14

Best instrumentalist: Martyn Patterson, Euphonium, Tongwynlais Temperance.